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We convert your dreams into reality. At Space and Bricks we offer your dream home at affordable and assured prices.  It’s true there are lots of belief issues when it comes about spending so much money. But we do our job with complete integrity; we have strong in house professionals’ architects, designers, project managers and engineers, with a long construction industry experience.  We expertise in every big and small section of the business, this flow starts from booking, design, documentation, project execution, quality checks, payments and final handover.

We are very much dedicated to our customer satisfaction, by providing the best quality service and products.  Our time schedule is strict and committed, we are known in the market for our punctuality and honesty. We also give monthly reports to our customers, for their satisfaction and awareness.

Bangalore’s REAL ESTATE

Being among the top 3 metro cities in India, Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka, situated in the south of India. Also known as “the city of gardens” or “the green city of India” has now become the fastest-growing city of India. The diverse and liberal culture of this place has helped this place sprout swiftly. The Bangalore city is beautiful in every means, lush greenery everywhere and the cosmopolitan aura. The impeccable weather is the biggest reason why this place is becoming the first choice for real estate and offices as well. Bangalore is now the biggest IT Hub in the entire country, so in the past couple of decades, the people have shifted to Bangalore exceptionally. Hence, growing the real estate segment of the city, all top-notch builders of India and international builders are investing abundantly in the real estate business in Bangalore. This IT boom in the city is the biggest reason of such a massive relocation of a large number of the population here, people with distinctive places with divergent culture are living closely, and this boon and growth are unstoppable.

Let’s have a quick glance at the different parts of Bangalore and its condition in the real estate sector.

In Bangalore, if we consider the most demanded properties, they are the affordable houses. The affordable housing segment is engaging the highest demand in the real estate field. Developers and Builders are also providing an abundance of affordable houses with stunning architectures and good locations as well.  Few areas are already highly developed real estate areas such as

These are the best residential locations in the city, other than this:

These places come under the rapidly growing residential location due to the development of various IT Hubs really close to these locations. People also prefer rented properties, and this is also a crucial part of the real estate business, as they choose to stay in a location which is more convenient and close to their office and workplace. The massive demands are now rapidly increasing the prices of the properties as well.

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